Vis 360 Pro & Vis Pro Adventure Manual


Vis 360 Pro & Vis Pro Adventure

As of last season (2017) the Vis 360 series lights received several upgrades. The material in the rear housing was reduced, the cord was thickened, lumens were bumped up to 600, and the lighthead now uses the same design as our renowned Urban commuting lights. The main power button also toggles the rear light on and off. Needless to say, the safest headlamp just got safer.

To make things less confusing, we'd like to explain that there are two distinct models of the Vis 360 Pro available for purchase:

Vis 360 Pro

This light will arrive with bike helmet mounts and amber colored side lights. The lighter colored amber plastic emits more light to make you better seen from the side. According to data we have collected from states governmental traffic agencies, most vehicle strikes occur from the side so of course we would make sure to keep this feature on all of our commuter products.

Vis 360 Pro Adventure

There are two differences in this lights features. The side lights are a darker crimson color, and it only comes with a head mount strap. This light will be more typically used for trail running, mountain biking (purchase helmet mounts separately), camping, climbing, etc., where side lights are not as necessary and in most cases the user would rather be more discrete about where they are shinning their light.

Both lights have high, med, low, and pulse outputs. Pressing the power button for 1 second will turn on both the front and rear LEDs, or by simply holding down the power button for 2 seconds only the front LED will ignite. Either model has a maximum runtime of 2 hours on high and in most cases you can run the light on medium (brighter than the old Vis 360+) to extend runtime and still have plenty of light to see.


  1. Plug the USB charging cable into an appropriate USB port on your computer or wall adapter.
  2. Attach the USB cable to the charging port in the taillight.
  3. Once the battery is attached to the USB charger, a flashing red, or green LED will illuminate in the power button.
  4. When the LED indicator remains a constant green, this is an indication the battery is fully charged

The Vis 360 will charge from depleted to full in about 5 hours. Its recommended to use either a 1amp or 2amp wall adapter. Some computer USB ports may charge at much slower rates.


0-25%: pulsing red                                      100-50%: solid green

25-50%: pulsing amber                                50-25%: solid amber

50-99%: pulsing green                                 25-5%: solid red

100%: solid green                                        5-0%: flashing red


The Lithium-Ion battery contained in your light will power you through many rides and will serve you well if you care for it properly. The battery will naturally lose its capacity slowly over time, and unintended damage that speeds up the degradation of the battery can occur, so please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Try not to store the battery if its completely discharged (dead). Charge it up after you ride!
  • Charge before your ride if it’s been in stored away for a a week or more to get full runtime.
  • For long term storage, charge your battery every 6 months.

Please send an email to our customer service team if you have any questions.

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